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What is the Difference Between Heavy Duty Towing & Light Duty Tow Truck Services in Sanger, TX?

Heavy Duty Towing is an essential service that is required in a variety of situations. It involves the use of specialized vehicles and equipment to tow heavy vehicles and machinery that cannot be towed by conventional tow trucks. Heavy Duty Towing is a crucial service in many industries, including construction, transportation, and logistics. In this…

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How Does a Flatbed Tow Truck Work for Towing Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Motorcycles & More in Denton, TX?

Flatbed towing is a common method, and as the name suggests, a flatbed towing truck has a flat horizontal surface on wheels. Flatbed trucks are ideally used for number of circumstances. We at Randy’s Towing & Recovery Service would like to discuss the basics of flatbed towing and its uses to help you better understand…

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Rollover Accident Prevention in Denton, TX; What Causes a Car or Truck to Roll Over to Prevent a Tow or Winch Out

As we travel the highways and city roads, we try to avoid being involved in an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, resulting in damage and/or injury, i.e. an accident. One of those unplanned events is the rollover accident, the leading cause of mortal injury and generally a destroyed vehicle. A rollover is when…

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