Tire Blowout on Road or Highway in Sanger, TX; Who to Call, How to Fix with Tire Change & More

One of the most frequent roadside assistance service calls are due to flat or blown out tires. Changing a tire is simple. However, it can take time out of the driver’s day to wait for assistance, not to mention the cost of replacing the tire. What most people don’t know is that with proper care and driving, you can prevent unexpected tire failures. When a tire suddenly blows out it can be scary and dangerous, which is why Randy’s Towing & Recovery Service would like to share how to care and monitor your vehicle’s tires to prevent future blow outs or flat tires.

Check Tire Pressure

To ensure you have healthy tires you will want to check the tires’ pressure often. Never wait until the tire pressure indicator pops on to check them. Low tire pressure can cause a number of different problems. Low tire pressure can cause irregular tire wear which can weaken the tire and lead to sudden blow outs or flats. Each tire will range on how much pressure it should have. Know your tire pressure and check it often. As the temperatures drop, it can cause tires to lose pressure, so remember to check your tires more often in the winter due to the colder weather.

Prevent Causes of Tire Blowout like Vehicle Overloading

Another common cause of tire blow outs or flats is overloading a vehicle. Depending on the vehicle, each will have a maximum weight capacity. When a vehicle is carrying a load over its weight capacity, it can lead to tire failure, and typically a blowout. Know your vehicle’s weight limits and never overload your vehicle,

Avoid Speeding

High speeds can lead to tire failure and a severe accident. When the tire condition is in question, driving at high speeds is the perfect recipe for disaster. However, even tires in very good condition can fail. Such failure can occur at high speeds as well. During high speeds, the inner tire can become hot which can drop tire pressure very rapidly. If a blow out occurs when driving at high speeds, accidents can occur and some fatal. Never drive over the speed limit if you don’t want to risk the chance of a tire blowing out on you.

Inspect Tire Tread

It is no surprise that as you drive your tires will wear down. Particularly the tire’s tread. As the tread wears down, it causes the tire to look bald. Bald tires fail to grip the road which is dangerous to say the least. As the tire trend wears down they also become more prone to flats or blow outs. In short, bald tires are never good. Check the condition of your tires often. You can check the tread by using a penny. Place a penny with Lincoln’s Head up, if the tread is below his head you will need to replace your tire soon. Additionally, look for irregular tire wear patterns. If the tread is wearing down unevenly, it can be a sign of a tire problem.

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